Youth Spotlight

  • Nubia Causey

    Nubia Causey

    Since the age of 3, I have been in tune with my audience. I modeled for Houghton Talent and ended up doing a 2-page spread for Cartoon Network in 5 National Magazines ...

  • Nicholas Harrison

    Nicholas D. Harrison

    Nicholas Harrison is our youth board president. Nicholas is in the military and works at the Georgia Dome but enjoys the time he can spend with DFGOYC. I love the people and the support that has been given, and everyone that's involved really helps out in the best way that they can ...

  • Nia Ross

    Nia D. Ross

    Nia Ross attends Kendrick Middle School and is currently in the 8th grade with a 3.7 GPA. Nia has the privilege of being the school announcer on WKMS Radio. In the fall of 2016, Nia will attend Lovejoy High School. However, her aspirations do not stop there, Nia has plans to matriculate and make positive history ...

  • Kayla Jordan

    Kayla Jordan

    Youth Chairperson

    My name is Kayla Jordan. I am 14 years old and a sophomore at Shiloh High School. I am an active member of Fresh Start church and a Senior in the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta. My hobbies are photography and drawing among a gammon of other things. After graduating from high school, I plan to attend college...

  • Maya Breeze

    Maya Breeze

    Maya is passionate about children and plans to be a Pediatrician. For the past two years, Maya has worked as a mentor at a summer camp and will continue her efforts in the coming year. Maya’s sincerity and love for children resinates with the youth she supports. Maya has also been involved in Beta Club for over...

  • Darrius J Johnson

    Darrius J Johnson

    Destined For Greatness has made a great impact on my life. The love, care and support they show is out of this world. DFGOYC has been behind me since I found out about this group. The outreach program has changed my heart tremendously, and Mr. Kyles has been a big help in life. I love being part of this group. We are going on to bigger and greater things DFG...

  • Brad A Griffith Jr

    Brad A Griffith Jr

    Since participating in DFGOYC, I have learned how to cooperate with the people in my community and to project a positive influence on myself and those around me. Destined For Greatness has taught me think of others and not just myself. God has put me on Earth for a purpose. I believe it is to show others the love of God by my example of “How I cleaned up my act!” Minister Kyles has been a strong influence on my life, showing me how to take this step and taking the time to tell me what I was doing wrong...

  • Isaiah Leonard

    Isaiah Leonard

    DFGOYC provides a great opportunity and positive outlet for me to have fun and meet peers from around the city. While standing in support and unity of many great causes, DFGOYC is also a way for me to share my gifts, talents and dreams as I adhere to the call of ministry in my community. Destined For Greatness has allowed me to serve, encourage and be a beacon of hope to others. Leadership development and positive community involvement while I am on this path of fulfilling my God given purpose...

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