Youth Spotlight

  • Maya Breeze


    Maya Breeze is a sophomore at Riverwood International Charter School and an active member in her church and community. For the past year, Maya has participated in the Destined for Greatness program as both a volunteer and youth advocate. DFGOYC offers Maya an outlet to do what she loves which is helping others. “I have seen and appreciate the passion and vision Mr. Kyles has for the youth in our community,“ Maya said. “I look forward to seeing what exciting new activities DFGOYC has to offer in the coming year.”

    Maya is passionate about children and plans to be a Pediatrician. For the past two years, Maya has worked as a mentor at a summer camp and will continue her efforts in the coming year. Maya’s sincerity and love for children resinates with the youth she supports. Maya has also been involved in Beta Club for over four years and is a member of the Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Program. Maya’s hobbies are reading, modeling, dancing and music.

Our Mission is to Develop Today's Youth to Become Tomorrow's Leaders.
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