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  • Nia Ross

    Nia D. Ross

    Nia Ross attends Kendrick Middle School and is currently in the 8th grade with a 3.7 GPA. Nia has the privilege of being the school announcer on WKMS Radio. In the fall of 2016, Nia will attend Lovejoy High School. However, her aspirations do not stop there, Nia has plans to matriculate and make positive history as a student at the University of Florida upon graduating high school. She will be a dual major in Criminology and Psychology.

    When Nia is not busy making grades, she enjoys singing, dancing, traveling and SHOPPING!!! She is also a dedicated member of the Temple of Hope International Ministries of Atlanta. She serves on the Liturgical Dance Ministry and also as a youth praise and worship vocalist.

    As Nia has been an active participant in Destined For Greatness, she has developed an unquenchable desire to help those less fortunate than her - particularly the homeless. One of her aspirations as she considers her viability and responsibility to the larger society is to be able to develop programs that will feed the hungry and aid the poor. She is determined to not only obtain greatness in her personal life but to help others on her way to greatness and beyond.

    In addition to Nia’s admiration of her mother, Maria Fields, and her quest for the best, she has been inspired by Mr. Kyles and the DFG family to strive for excellence and shine through every situation she may face in life. Make no mistake about it, Ms. Nia D. Ross is DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!!!

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