Youth Spotlight

  • Nubia Causey


    Since the age of 3, I have been in tune with my audience. I modeled for Houghton Talent and ended up doing a 2-page spread for Cartoon Network in 5 National Magazines. I continued my journey on the creative side and enjoyed art and singing with my twin brother. I loved to perform skits with him in front of our parents and family. One time, we were singing with our cousin and created our own band. As I got older, my appreciation for music deepened and I really began to have an interest in singing.

    When entering the 6th grade, I auditioned for the M.D. Roberts Middle School Fine Arts Chorus program and was accepted! For 3 years, I was able to gain the vocal foundation I needed to become a better singer. By the time I was in 7th and 8th grades, I was invited to sing for the Spivey Treble Choir (only 2 people were selected for each grade level). I enjoyed meeting other students who had a serious interest in singing like me. I also attended District 6 Honor Choir and in 8th grade, I was chosen as Overall Top Performing for 8th grade chorus. While at MD. Roberts, I was a co-leader and member the swim team. This helped me strengthen my lungs so that I could hold my notes out longer. I enjoy singing traditional and classical music and would like to pursue this as a minor in college.

    The privilege to travel and sing at Lincoln Center in New York would be such an honor. Dr. Pace always strives for excellence and has us work hard in everything that we do. This experience will help me to achieve my aspirations of becoming an African-American opera singer and hopefully play the role of “Christine” in Phantom of the Opera! I also desire to compete in the Olympics as a competitive swimmer and one day have my own swimsuit line.

    I really believed that it was important to help our community, so I became a part of a great organization called Destined for Greatness. We have a youth board that helps make sure that we are bringing change to our community. With this board, I have a position that titles Girls Advisor. With this role, I make sure that I help young women or our young ladies to become and serve as great leaders within their communities. It makes me feel good to make change not only within my community, but also in the world. While being in this organization it provides me with leadership skills and allows me to reach my goals and aspirations in my life.

    I will be graduating high school in 2020. My career plans are to attend Ludwig Maximilian University in Germany and major in International Studies with a minor in Voice/Opera. Afterwards, I would like to attend law school and travel the world as an International Attorney.

    One day I plan to have a law firm of my own and perform opera singing. I would like to I believe that in life you should live it to the best of your ability. You should be yourself around others and not let anyone stop you from conquering your dreams. You should dream big!!! My favorite quote is “Whenever you do not understand what’s happening in your life, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say: God I know it is your plan. Just help me through it.”

Our Mission is to Develop Today's Youth to Become Tomorrow's Leaders.
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