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Develop Youth of Today

I support DFGOYCenter because the organization’s mission is to help develop youth of today. I believe that partnering with DFGOYC will allow me to share my leadership and spiritual principles with every youth and adult that I am able to connect with.

Demond Mason

Bridging the Gap

I support DFGOYC because the organization allows me to share my skills with youth that are unfortunate in today's society. Sharing my success and seeing youth implement what has been poured into them makes our youth DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!

Chris Eppenger

Catering to Dreams

Destined For Greatness Outreach Youth Center desires to cater to dreams of what IS possible. It is a vehicle for change to those seeking help, a great opportunity to extend that helping hand, reaching out for its place in the world... this is why I support DFGYOC.

April Wiggins

Dedicated to Youth

I support DFG because the organization's mission surrounds the charge of engaging and positively impacting the minds and future of young men, to be productive and successful citizens within their community. I am dedicated to the cause of youth building and empowerment, which serving on the Board of Directors allows me to do first hand.

Monica Matthews
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Our Mission is to Develop Today's Youth to Become Tomorrow's Leaders.