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  • Yong Takahashi

    Yong Takahashi

    Board Member

    Yong Takahashi is a published writer and owner of A Novel Idea, Inc., a promotional products company. She holds a degree in Business Administration and is a certified paralegal. She brings her years of entrepreneurial, financial, and legal experience to Destined for Greatness.

    Yong was born in Seoul, South Korea and arrived in Detroit, Michigan in 1973. She didn’t have a command of the English language when she started school. Because the school system didn’t offer English as a Second Language classes then, she was put into Special Education. She struggled to get herself into the correct classes and she felt she didn’t have a voice. Early on, she learned it is important that organizations have the right programs in place to assist children in their emotional and educational journey.

    As part of an international organization, she ran and operated martial arts schools. She has a unique experience in dealing with staff, parents, children, and their various needs. She believes mentoring is an integral part of a child’s healthy mental development. Modeling good behavior such as self-discipline and self-respect will help DFG’s participants build a solid foundation for any challenges they will face. She understands the need for mentorship for at-risk children and will use her past experiences to uplift and give a hand up to those who need it.

    Yong’s goal is to grow DFG’s fundraising efforts by leveraging her contacts in the business community and expanding the organization’s store by offering more products and opening new distribution lines.


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