Board of Directors

  • Monica Matthews

    Monica Matthews


    Monica Matthews is a Registered Occupational Therapist who has cultivated her career in the primary areas of home health, inpatient/outpatient physical rehabilitation and school-based therapy. Monica’s area of expertise is pediatric neuro-developmental treatment and sensory dysfunction. Monica has served on several special interest committees and project groups including the Harris County Hospital District’s Pediatric Obesity Weight Management Initiative and currently on the Central Assistive Technology team for the Humble Independent School District.

    Aside from being a full-time therapist in Houston, Texas, Monica is a Christian poet, author and motivational speaker, and she is the founder of Christian Poetics and Savvy Living Lifestyles.

    “I support DFG because the organization's mission surrounds the charge of engaging and positively impacting the minds and future of young men to be productive and successful citizens within their community. I am dedicated to the cause of youth building and empowerment, which serving on the Board of Directors allows me to do first hand.”


Our Mission is to Develop Today's Youth to Become Tomorrow's Leaders.
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